Sunrise Hike w/ Juan + Rebekah


Let me start this off by saying that getting up at 3 am CAN BE FUN! ( and that’s coming from a not-so-early-bird…)

We were so glad that our friends Juan & Rebekah had some time to hang out with us on the way to their trek up to Canada! These two are an amazing photo + video husband & wife duo in the Austin area - I HIGHLY recommend them for any wedding/elopement/creative needs!

What tends to happen when a group of photographers (plus Logan) get together surrounded by some rad scenery, happened, and we decided to get up before the crack of dawn to hike & take some pics. With Logan behind the wheel, we exchanged some creepy stories and debated the reality of aliens & Bigfoot (probably all in the clutches of our own exhaustion and delirium). Once reaching the trailhead, we hiked a three mile journey to a pass, along with another three mile journey back - all while seeing some incredible things. Although the intense fog blocked most of our view, we took it as it came & felt like we were in an eerie part of Iceland. Once we got to our destination, we took out our change of clothes, embraced our soaked hair from the rain, fought off many mosquitos, and exchanged some couples pictures. All in all, it was a pretty perfect morning topped off with wishing Juan & Rebekah well with their Canada travels after getting back home (and of course… a nap).

Feel free to go check out Juan & Rebekah’s work!

Carson Hope