Mom Takes on Washington


This past week was filled with coasts, mountains, lighthouse views, windy switchbacks, wildflowers, s’mores, and my Mom.

We pretty much ran ourselves ragged doing anything and everything from sun up to sun down. There are SO MANY incredible wonders of Washington so of course we had to cram as much as we could in while my Mom was in town. If we live here for the rest of our lives, I still don’t think we’ll have enough time to see it all.

I was so happy she had the courage to fly by herself after 10 years of no flying to come and see us! The first couple of days we spent wondering around Bellingham, Fairhaven, and the cute dainty Dutch town of Lynden. We then terrified her by driving up to one of our favorite high lake locations where she experienced some intense dirt road switchbacks for the first time. My chef of a husband cooked up some chicken tortilla soup (from a Portlandia cookbook, which I proudly thrifted), s’mores were made, and many a’ pictures were taken. The next day's adventure was a cute little port town with some old charm. We got there via ferry, where Mom and I both experienced Washington ferries for the first time (they definitely aren’t like the ones in Galveston…). Logan led us to a lighthouse, and we let our feet get dirty in the pebble ridden sand. Her last full day here we took on Heather Meadows and Artist Point with some amazing views of Mount Baker. Needless to say, Mom was pretty mesmerized, as were we. The entire trip she said she felt like she was living in Twilight or The Sound of Music, which is pretty funny because I have those exact thoughts all the time.

After witnessing Mom’s stunned face while introducing her to some of our new state, I hope we never get numb of the wonders and views in our whimsical home of Washington. It was sad to see her go, but I know for a fact she’s too infatuated now to wait too long to come back.

Carson Hope