Lake Exploration


All of my life I’ve dreamt of seeing that picture perfect lake with mountains in the background and sky blue water. Of course, that was the first thing I bugged Logan about seeing when I first moved up here. With my husband eager to fish and myself eager to see everything in this new wondrous place we now call home, one weekend we set out to explore a couple of lakes.

Logan picked the first lake, a good one for fishing (so he thought…). There was no path, so we hiked (really I stumbled and fell…) down to the body of water. My face immediately got attacked by a million mosquitos, Logan never caught a fish, then I slipped on elk poop and cut my hand on a rock so needless to say we didn’t stay there very long… Aside from the mishaps, we did catch a pretty cool glimpse at a ton of elk in the distance and stumbled upon a wildflower patch which made everything worthwhile.

The last lake we explored was Blue Lake, and at the time it was really the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The water was crystal blue and so transparent that you could see right through it. There were some snow patches that hadn’t melted yet and lupine along the trail. Logan still never caught a fish that outing, but at end the day we ate some discounted dried camping food and to my surprise, I found it pretty yummy.

Carson Hope