Jasmyn's Styled Elopement


I have met some of the most amazing creatives here in Bellingham, one of those being my new friend Jasmyn.

I’ve only hung out with Jasmyn a few times, but she has such a bright and vibrant energy. There’s SO much to be said about her photography, but in short, it’s pretty darn amazing. She kindly invited me to hang out & shoot with her on a styled elopement set she put together with two of her friends that were in town, and we had SO MUCH FUN. Kacia & Levi were such a joy to hang around with, and by far two of the most interesting & adventurous people I have ever met. They were so easy to get good pictures of - they went from being so sweet and intimate to goofy and fun with Levi demonstrating insane feats, convincing me that he does in fact do parkour…

Just recently married, the lovebirds wore what they did to their wedding with a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers, courtesy of Jasmine and the local Co-Op. During the middle of the shoot Jasmyn carefully plucked leaves from a tree and put them in Kaci’s hair seamlessly on the spot.

Jasmyn’s website can be found here. She specialized in couples, intimate weddings & elopements - definitely take the time to check out her work, she has such a warm soul and her work reflects that!

Carson Hope