Deception Pass + Lighthouse Point


Deception Pass was one of the first places Logan took me upon moving to Washington. I was aching to see the beach, and little did I know that it would be so different from our home state’s beaches that we’re so used to. I caught that there might be some differences when I asked my husband if I should pack a swimsuit, and he laughed… I never thought I would be wearing a sweater in June.

The pictures honestly don’t do it justice. I was pretty blown away after seeing the view. Given, it was pretty crowded on a nice Saturday evening, but it was so worth it. We traded in sandy, seashell ridden Galveston beaches for rocky cliffs filled with pebbles at the bottom replacing sand.

Since it was so crowded, we decided to see what was across the water on the other side. We drove upon a park with some trails, and those trails led us to more rocky cliffs, along with hills of pale yellow grass. This Texas gal felt like she was in a foreign land - like Ireland or some other wonder.

Carson Hope