About me


Hi there!

I’m Carson Hope, and when I’m not snapping pictures on my Canon I’m wandering around roadsides and mountain meadows picking wildflowers in overalls (seriously… if you see someone who fits this description, you’ve probably spotted me). Aside from picking wildflowers, I love adopting new plants and giving them fun names (such as Georgina and Eileen), thrifting old books, and of course shooting pictures - digital and film. I also adore sharing stories through written word and images (feel free to hop over onto my blog to read about recent adventures + photography endeavors). I’m a newly married women who’s hopelessly in love with my mountain man of a husband. So much hopelessly in love that two days post-marriage we loaded all of our belongings in my soccer mom car and drove three days across the country - from our home state of Texas, to our new cozy PNW home in Bellingham, Washington. It’s safe to say that our wanderlust cravings are fed well here; we love going on adventures and roaming around the mountainous and coastal area. Although the PNW is our home for now, one day we’d love to call the road our home; traveling across the country in a DIY’ed van while shooting elopements and couples all over.

My love of adventures, the outdoors, and couples are definitely driving forces in my photography. Although I’ve explored many paths throughout the years from senior portraits to fashion photography, I’ve found that the little intimate, perfectly imperfect moments between couples really captivate me. It’s quite whimsical actually - I think I just adore witnessing human love. I enjoying capturing it even more in it’s raw moments, which is why I love shooting couples & elopements. Maybe the wind is blowing like crazy, maybe the dress gets a little muddy, perhaps we make a turn off the beaten path and end up somewhere more captivating; it’s all so exhilarating, almost as exhilarating as marriage. I’d be beyond stoked to be there with you in that moment, capturing the intensity of raw love you’re experiencing and everything else in between.